SLX Pocket Size Non-Stick Grinder


SLX Pocket Size Non-Stick 4 piece grinder version 20

  • Design - 10/10
  • Shredding - 9.9/10
  • Non-Stick feature - 9.9/10

This SLX Pocket Size Non-Stick grinder (2.0 version) is the little sibling of the SLX Non-Stick 4 piece grinder that we’ve covered last week. If what you are looking for is a grinder that has a working non-stick feature, an all-round great design and is also very discreet and highly portable than this is the perfect grinder for you.

There are, in total, seven available colors to choose from. Each color looks amazingly well with the four classic colors – black, charcoal grey, silver and champagne gold – being metallic colors while the other three – yellow, leaf green and purple haze – being lightly metallic. The black, silver and champagne gold are the more popular ones but it’s really up to you which one you choose. The ceramic coating is simply amazing so whichever color you choose the grinder will stand out.

SLX Pocket 4 Piece Grinder Colors
The seven available colors

As the name suggest this is a pocket size grinder and as far as portability goes it must be one of the most portable pocket size grinders on the market due to it’s design. It has a 2 inch (~50 mm) diameter which makes it about half and inch smaller in diameter than the standard size SLX model. The difference is size between the two models also means less teeth for this smaller model. While the standard model has 55 teeth, the pocket size one has 27 teeth but the shredding quality is just the same if not better, the only obvious difference being that you will not be able to grind as much material at once.

SLX Pocket Size Non-stick 4 Piece grinder
The standard size next to this pocket size model

The material used is top quality aerospace-grade aluminum ensuring this grinder will last you a lifetime. The coating is the magic of this grinder as it’s coated with non-stick ceramic coating which is non-toxic, FDA approved and will not burn or release any unwanted chemicals. And the best thing about it is that it works amazingly well, with nothing sticking to this grinder, and all the residue that does built up, you can either brush it or tap the grinder for it to gently fall off. Amazing! This is definitely the top feature of this grinder but there are more.

Analyzing this grinder from top to bottom we have the top lid to start with on which we have the big and bold SLX logo. Normally I’m not a big fan of a big logo on the front but for this grinder it really works great. Also on the top lid – and on the bottom one for that matter you – will notice the slab cuts with gentle serrations for a most perfect and comfortable grip on any grinder.

SLX Pocket Size Non-stick 4 piece grinder top lid grip
The slab cuts with the serrations on the top lid for the perfect grip, and also notice the o-ring that prevents metal on metal contact

Opening the top lid you will notice the strong neodymium magnets which ensure a a perfect closure each and every time keep your herb safely stored inside. Then you will see the shredding chamber which, as mentioned earlier, has 27 razor-sharp teeth. The teeth are specially designed to deliver the consistent and fluffy grind that only the best grinders can provide. Their shape is a trapezoid which means fours sharp edges that work to deliver the perfect shred.

SLX Pocket Size Non-Stick 4 piece grinder teeth
Notice the trapezoid shaped teeth

The grinding motion is as smooth as it can be and will remain so for month without any need to clean it due to the non=stick properties of the coating. The is also an o-ring to prevent metal on metal contact but unlike other grinders it’s not that thin and looks to last a long time. With other grinders, even premium ones, this o-ring tends to get really beaten up due to the residue built up, but again not worries here.

Moving downward to the catching compartment, it’s here that the grinder’s design stands out yet again and delivers the perfect experience. Basically you have the catching compartment along with the micron screen is a piece that is a “lift-out” and it’s encapsulated between the bottom piece – which also make the pollen catching compartment – and the top part of the grinder.

Such a design has a whole list of benefits. The first one is that there will be no more residue build-up neither in the closing system nor in the micron screen.  After each grind you simply lift up this piece without the pollen compartment being upended each time you empty your herb. This also means more pollen being accumulated in the pollen compartment. And I haven’t even mentioned the inward design on this third piece.

SLX Pocket Size Non-Stick 4 piece grinder catching compartment slip out piece
Notice the threaded design of the outer edge from the slip-out piece which is essentially the catching compartment

Most grinders are have the straight edge but this one has a threaded design which again contributes having no residue build up in the external threads of the screwing system.

SLX Pocket Size Non-Stick 4 piece grinder pollen catching compartment
The pollen catching compartment along with the included plastic scraper

Then we have the pollen compartment which is works well as the ceramic non-stick coating makes it easy to empty it as the pollen just falls off. You also get a plastic scraper but you will not need it that much. Again, the ceramic coating does the trick here.

Overall this is one of the best pocket grinders on the market. It delivers in all aspects and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Get it today and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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