Best Weed Grinder 2022

Are you searching for the best weed grinder for you? We can help you decided on which one is the best one for you as we’ve tested a number of different premium grinders and will share with you which ones are the best. We have tested each grinder in three main areas: shredding, longevity, cleaning and …

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Bud Bomb Original Metal Hand Pipe

The Bud Bomb is a fantastic little metal hand pipe that has a unique design, comes in several chrome colors and delivers a cool smoke. Find it here: Amazon | Grasscity – US – UK – EU Currently this pipe is in our testing laboratory and a full review is coming soon.

genius pipe

Genius Pipe review

Click here to check the best available price The Genius Pipe is a premium quality pipe that delivers both in terms of providing a nice and smooth smoke but also in terms of being stealthy. Click here to check the best available price This amazing pipe is in our testing laboratory, a full review is …

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