Golden Bell 4 Piece Grinder

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  • Value - 9.3/10
  • Shredding - 9.3/10
  • Design - 9.3/10

Looking for a “best seller” grinder? This is it. The 4 Piece 2 inch grinder from Golden Bell is an awesome looking grinder at an almost unbeatable price.

Wide variety of available colors

Unlike other similar grinders from the same price range, you have a multitude of colors to choose from. Below you can see all the available colors.


They look incredible, with the gold, ancient silver and black one being the more popular models. However the “special” color is the rose gold which is a type of color you will only find in the Golden Bell range.

It not only looks amazing it also works amazing

The package

The Golden Bell grinder package is simple and compact (and discreet, arriving is a brown paper bag) with the Golden Bell logo neatly carved out on the front and with the text “Golden Bell” written beneath as you can see below.


After you unpack it the feel and touch is one of a premium grinder which I did not expect, again, given the price point. It’s what you would normally get with a grinder from better known brands like Space Case or Cali Crusher. It has a heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction which gives it a sturdy feel.

A closer look at the 4 pieces of the Golden Bell grinder

Have a look below at the zoomed picture of the simple and elegant design as well as the smaller details that make this truly a premium grinder.



Opening the grinder and putting it to use, we notice that the first compartment has the magnetized lid, diamond shaped teeth as well as the thin poly-o ring for smooth grinding. Notice all these features in the images below.

Magnetized lid and thin poly-o ring
Diamond shaped teeth for efficient and smooth grinding

Again I have to mention here the fact that all these features are usually found on a higher priced grinder and given the diamond shape of the teeth and the durability of this grinder, you will get the perfect shredding for a long time.

Moving on to the second compartment of this grinder, there is not much to add here, other than I found have preferred a quarter turn locking system similar to what Cali Crusher has and which I found to be the best.

Then there is the last compartment (the pollen catcher) which is also equipped with a scrapper that comes in handy and has the shape that I prefer as it’s very easy to scrape the kief with it. Below you can see how it looks.

The included scraper


Overall if you’ve thinking of buying this grinder go ahead and do it because you are getting a fantastic grinder (premium quality) at probably the best price possible. Golden Bell also offers a lifetime warranty making sure you are 100% satisfied of you get your money back.

A great value purchase.

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