Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Pocket Grinder


  • Manufacturer - 9.9/10
  • Sharedding - 9.9/10
  • Design - 9.9/10

This is like the “iWatch” of grinders. Probably the best 4 piece pocket grinder you will find. Small, compact and works perfectly. It’s 1.85 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall.


This grinder is part of the Cali Crusher Homegrown series which also includes the Cali Crusher Homegrown 2 Piece Grinder and the Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder.

If you’re thinking or looking to buy a small, compact grinder this might be exactly what you are searching for. Before everything else you will have to decided on a color and as you can see below there are plenty to choose from.


If you don’t know which color to choose, I can recommend the gold and green models as they are the most popular.

We’ve covered the other models from the Homegrown series and a lot of the premium features are to be found in this model as well but let’s look at them once more and see how this model stacks up to the others.

Since this is the pocket size 4 piece grinder it’s smaller than the normal size 4 piece grinder but it’s still functional and works great. This smaller size grinder is perfect for someone who does not intend to grind larger amount (at least not at once) and puts portability higher on the list of features. So compared to the other models it still is the premium grinder we’ve come to love only in a smaller size.

The touch and feel is amazing due to the aerospace grade aluminum material that this grinder is made of. Then there is also the fact that the exterior bead is blasted for a scratch resistant finish. These features are unique to the Homegrown models and are something you will notice both instantly and in the long run as you use it.

Now that’s the exterior so let’s take a look at the 4 pieces and 3 compartments of this grinder and why we like this grinder so much.

Right from the start you will notice a series of premium features for the top compartment. When you open and close the top compartment you feel the strength of the closing system and that’s due to the fact that the Homegrown grinders use neodymium rare earth magnets.

But as you open the top compartment there are other elements that will catch your eye.

Notice the shape of the teeth

The first set of features is the thin (and removable) strip of poly-o trip that along side the shape of the closing system ensures an optimal and easy shredding motion. But although that’s premium grade features, it’s the teeth of this grinder that will pop out. Unlike other grinders (even other premium grinders) the Homegrown uses the patented Cali Crusher dual action radial cut teeth that ensure maximum shredding. It’s the shape of the teeth that make the shredding motion seem so easy and it’s their shape that prevents the shredded material from being clogged up. If you’ve had any type of grinder before, you know this is the main issue with grinders and you have to either clean it or accept the hard shredding motion.

Then there’s the second compartment where again there are a set of features that place this grinder on top of all other grinders.

Notice the quarter turn locking system as well as the reinforced and replaceable screen

Probably the thing I like the most about this grinder is the quarter turn closing system for the second and third compartment. It’s simply amazing. A common problem with all 4 piece grinders is the exterior leakage which clogs up the closing system and makes things work not so smoothly. But with this closing system it’s simply a breeze. No more hard to open and hard to close grinders. This is the system that all grinders should use. This feature alone make this grinder worth it.

And as if the quarter turn closing system wasn’t enough there is another common problem that Cali Crusher fixed. And that is the removable and replaceable screen. A common problem with other 4 piece grinders it that the screen had very little to no support and it’s just a matter of time before it fails. And to make matters worst it’s also non-replaceable. But with the Homegrown grinders Cali Crusher has solved this problem by adding a replaceable screen that is also reinforced which makes is last longer in the first place. So only good things here.

Then the last compartment is the kief catcher which again has the quarter turn locking system which again works wonders for not getting clogged up, especially when we talk about the kief which is know to leak out rather easily. And as a bonus you also get a kief scraper that works great with the shape of the last compartment that is rounded around the corners which makes getting the kief out easier.

Overall if you look at all the elements of this grinder you can see that the people at Cali Crusher have thought about each and every aspect of what would make the perfect grinder and they executed perfectly.

So if you’ve looking for a highly portable and discreet 4 piece pocket grinder this is probably the best on the market. I love this grinder and all from the Homegrown series. I can only give it full marks and wholeheartedly recommend it.


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