Sentima Zinc Crusher 2.5 inch 4 Piece Grinder

sentina zinc crusher 4 piece grinder

  • Shredding - 9.5/10
  • Functionality - 8.8/10
  • Design - 8.6/10

The Sentima Zinc Crusher 4 piece grinder is a 2.5 inch large grinder that comes at a price that represents value and is packed with some feature you would only normally get with a premium grinder.

The first thing that caught my eye about this grinder is the packaging as it is sold and branded as a houseware product and not specifically targeted as weed grinder, but it delivers great results for pot as well. The box comes with the 4 piece grinder itself, a pollen scraper and a very nice pouch bag which makes it very easy to discreetly and safely carry the grinder around.

The overall exterior design is very nice and feel good in your hand. The 2.5 inch (63mm) diameter means it’s not too large in order to sacrifice portability but not to small to not fit enough material in it. The material used is a heavy duty zinc alloy which makes it durable. However you might not find the same high quality exterior finish you get with the top premium grinders like the Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder but if you are purchasing this grinder you’re doing it more for it’s functionality than it’s aesthetics. And since the material used it zinc and not aluminum it’s also a much heavier grinder weighing about 190g. Having said that let’s look at all the 4 pieces that make up this grinder and what are some of it’s features.

Sentima 4 piece grinder shredding compartment
The shredding compartment

First of  we have the top shredding compartment which comes packed with a few premium features. We have the strong neodymium magnets that keep this compartment tightly closed and then you will notice the design and placement of the teeth. The teeth are curved diamond shaped teeth which (after the Cali Crusher dual action design) are the shape that deliver the best result. Additional centering teeth are located on the outer edge. And if you look closely at these outer edge teeth you will notice that they are slightly leaning inwards which not only helps with the shredding process but also keep the herbs in and reduce leakage while opening the top lid.

One thing I noticed that is different from most grinders I’ve come across are the holes. There are the usual rounded holes revolving around the center only the holes on the outer most circle are not round but slightly elongated. An interesting design that frankly does not influence the grinding process that much. What I didn’t like to see in this top compartment is the non-smooth finish of the surface. I does help with less material sticking to it but then again it makes it harder if you wish to scrape it.

Sentima 4 piece grinder teeth
The features of the top compartment including the diamond shaped curved teeth and threaded design

And of course there is also a thin poly-O ring that ensure a smooth grinding motion as it avoid metal to metal interaction.

Moving on to the second compartment we have a couple of features I really liked seeing. Similar to the shredding compartment we have a slightly threaded design which I love to see as it make leakage much less of a problem. Such a design is very much appreciated since this is the compartment you will be opening the most.

Sentima 4 piece grinder catching compartment
Notice the threaded design and pollen screen of the catching compartment

The pollen screen also looks to be of high quality and as far as I’ve tested it it works fine. It is solidly attached to the third piece of the grinder so no concerns there thin it failing.

Then comes the last compartment, the pollen catching compartment where the edges are slightly rounded (but not as rounded as I would have liked to see) and since a scraper is included, everything is relatively easy when it comes to scrapping the pollen or kief.

Overall this is a good grinder that will shred your herb very well and has that threaded design for the shredding and catching compartment. However it’s downside is the exterior which can be prone to scratches and it’s zinc construction makes it a bit heavier than most similar grinders. But the price tag is a relatively fair one and at the end of the day it does deliver on the shredding function.

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