Platinum Grinders 4 piece grinder

platinum grinders 4 piece grinder

  • Value - 9.6/10
  • Shredding - 9.4/10
  • Design - 8.5/10


A great grinder for a great price.

The Platinum Grinders 4 Piece grinder in black aluminum is probably the grinder for you if you’re looking for a good grinder at the best possible price.

This is a 4 piece 2.5 inch diameter aluminum grinder that has some features that you would normally only get at premium higher priced grinders so this product represents great quality at an unbeatable price. It also has a black anodized finish that similar to premium grinders prevents flaking, pealing and smudge marks. Now let’s take a closer look at all the features and analyze it from top to bottom.

Right on the top piece we have the “Platinum Grinders” logo and as you open the shredding compartment you will notice the high grade magnets that ensures the perfect closure. Then you will see the sharp diamond rounded shaped teeth along with the centering wedges or the outer edge which help obtain the perfect shredding experience. The nylon O-ring contributed the a smooth rotating motion. Notice all these features in the image below.

Platinum Grinder 4 Piece Grinder teeth
Sharp teeth that deliver

Then on to the catching compartment it’s the stainless steel screen that I believe is a small down side to this grinder. This screen might not be as long lasting as with some other premium grinders but it does it’s job and works perfectly. From what I’ve tested it screens out less material then other tested grinders but with the included scraper it’s easier to clean and does not clog up. As any 4 piece grinder user knows sometimes the screen can become clogged up and required a little more cleaning.

Platinum Grinder 4 Piece Grinder screen and scraper
The screen and included scraper

And the last compartment is the pollen catching compartment where we have all the pollen filtered out by the screen. Nothing more to add here then the fact that with the included scrapper it’s very easy to scrape out all the pollen.

Platinum Grinders 4 Piece Grinder overview

Overall this is a grinder which has some premium features and given the price tag it represents value. My concerns with it are for the long term – the screen being one aspect – and maybe I would have like to see a better design but as far as I’ve tested it it works perfectly and delivers a very nice shred.

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