Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size
Masterdam Grinder Review Card
  • Shredding - 9.9/10
  • Design - 9.9/10
  • Value - 9.8/10


A great 4-piece grinder with a slick design that delivers consistent shredding.

The Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size is a premium grinder that is part of the Shield series from Masterdam that also include the previously reviewed Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Compact Size grinder and the Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Large Size grinder. All grinders from this Shield Series are amazing, you just have to decide which size fits your needs best. While the pocket size offers the best in terms of portability having a diameter and height of only 1.6 inches (40mm), the other two models both have a height of 1.8 inches (45mm) the difference being the diameter. The large size one has a diameter of 2.5 inches (63mm) compared to this “Standard” model that has a diameter of 2.2 inches (55mm). The difference between these two models is not much when you look at the numbers – just 7 mm – but in real life it is noticeable. If you’re looking for the “perfect sized grinder” that this model is the right choice for you, especially if you’re looking for a balance between portability and size.

Masterdam Grinders Shield Series Sizes
The available sizes for the Shield Series provided by Masterdam

After you’ve decided what size is best for you, you will be confronted with another decision, namely, the color of the grinder. Masterdam offers 7 colors in total. The Gold, Black and Gunmetal ones are the most popular, but if you ask me all colors looks amazing.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size Colors
The seven available colors

And the reason why all look amazing is due to the material used and the blasted finish. Aerospace-grade aluminum was is used to manufacture these grinders which make them relatively lightweight and also scratch resistant. You will notice these features as soon as you unbox it from the discreet and non-revealing box it come in.


And speaking of the box, I have to mention that besides the grinder you will also get a pouch to carry it discreetly with you.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Box
I was impressed with the packaging for the Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size

Once you assemble all the 4 pieces you will notice just what a great product this is. But the real features are in the interior so let’s take a close look at each of the 3 compartments and go over all the things that I like about this grinder.

First we have the shredding compartment which is packed with features you only get with a premium grinder like this. You will notice the powerful neodymium magnets that keep the top lid shut even if the the grinder get knocked of for example. So you can rest assured that not spillage will occur.

Then as you open the lid, the teeth will surely get your attention. If you look closely you will notice that they are diamond shaped, but they are not the standard diamond shaped teeth. They are curved diamond shaped teeth or what Masterdam refers to as “Lion’s Teeth”. They produce amazing shredding results.

Masterdam 4 Piece grinder standard size teeth
Notice the curved diamond shaped teeth

And another feature are the centering wedges on the outer edge, which help push the herb that made not been perfectly grinder back to the center before falling in the catching compartment. And that is not all. Another feature for this top compartment that I like a lot if the slightly rounder corners as well as the inward design of the centering wedges. This threaded design prevents the herb from being clogged up while also ensuring a smooth and almost perfect rotating motion while grinding. The thin poly-o ring also help with the smooth grinding motion by preventing metal-on-metal contact and residue build-up.

Masterdam 4 Piece grinder standard size shredding compartment
Notice the other features of the shredding compartment. The rounded corners for the outer edge, the threaded design for the centering wedges and the thin poly-o ring

Then we have the catching compartment where I’d like to mention the one features I love and feel that most grinders should implement. It’s the threaded design that makes things easy when opening the compartment and ensures no spillage and most importantly no clogging up of the closing system. I feel that this is a small thing that makes a lot of difference.

Masterdam 4 Piece grinder standard size catching compartment
The threaded design of the catching compartment as well as the stainless steel screen

And with this compartment we also have the screen which looks, feel and act very sturdy which is something I always look in a grinder as the screen can be the first things to go. It is a good quality micron screen that does the job perfectly.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder rounded base
The rounded base of the pollen catching compartment

And the last compartment is the pollen catching one where again I like the design. The rounded base is the perfect design in order to easily collect all the pollen and also make sure you don’t clog up the closing system. It works perfectly and the included scraper only makes it easier to scrape the accumulated pollen.

Overall I’ve been impressed with this grinder in more ways than one. It delivers top shredding, has a threaded chambers design that I love and as a bonus I not only get a scraper but a carrying pouch as well. I can only fully recommend the Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size for all your grinding needs.

And also as a side note I would like to add that the customer service for Masterdam grinders is also top notch.

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