Masterdam 4 Piece Large Aluminum Grinder

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder

  • Design - 9.9/10
  • Shredding - 9.9/10
  • Value - 9.8/10

The Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder is a top premium grinder that also comes with a decent price tag. This is the model that is referred to as the large model having a 2.5 inch diameter and 1.8 inches in height. With the Masterdam Shield 4-Piece Series we have this model as the large one and the 2.2 inch one as the Standard Size Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder. And if you want an even small model you have the Masterdam 1.6 inch 4 Piece Pocket/Compact Grinder as an option.

I’ve seen only positive reviews on the Masterdam products and I’ve seen some of the features that the grinders have to offer and I was very curios on whether they were true and to be honest I was surprised at how good the Masterdam grinders are and I’ve placed them on the top of my list of grinders. So having said that let’s dig deeper and look at what this particular grinder has to offer and what you can expect if you purchase it.

The first choice you have to make regarding this grinder is the color. There are five colors in total to choose from. If you don’t know with which color to go I wholeheartedly recommend the gunmetal color as it’s unique and looks incredibly well.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Large Size Colors
The available colors
Masterdam 4 piece grinder large gunmetal color
The gunmetal color is my primary recommendation as it’s really a unique color for a grinder

The material from which this grinder is manufactured in aerospace grade aluminum and all four pieces are 100% CNC machines for the absolute perfect fit. This is a very well build grinder and you can tell that as soon as you put your hands on it as it has the superior touch and feel to it as most premium grinders do.

So on to our review of this grinder, starting from top to bottom we have the top piece to start with. As the images show we have the Masterdam logo on the top as well as carved grip on the outer exterior edge. As we open the grinding compartment we notice the powerful neodymium magnets that ensure a perfect and easy closure with no leakage. Then we have the “secret weapons” of this grinder. A series of unique features that make this grinder one of the best of the best.

Masterdam 4 piece grinder large grinding compartment and teeth
Just notice the rounded outer edge, the curved diamond teeth, the centering wedged on the outer edge, the very thin strip O-ring strip just to mention a few

The first thing you will look for with any grinder are the teeth. Well with this model we have teeth that have a special curved diamond shape or as Masterdam calls them “Lion’s teeth”. They are as sharp as they come and work wonders. Then there are the centering wedges on the outer edge that again have a special form and are a little carved out at the top which ensures absolute perfect grinding of your entire herb, all with a smooth motion. And it’s the very thin O-ring as well as the outer edge’s rounded forms that ensure the perfectly smooth shifting motion. I was really surprised on how well this grinder is designed and how well it works.

Then there is the catching chamber where I also want to add the fact that unlike other premium grinder, I noticed that the outer edges are yet again slightly rounded which I always wanted to see. This makes leakage much less frequent and also makes the closing process less prone to getting clogged up. Very important aspect which more grinder manufacturers should implement. And I haven’t even mentioned the screen which looks to be top quality and long lasting. I would be suprised otherwise. It’s a micron screen that filters out everything but the pollen.

Masterdam 4 piece grinder catching compartment
Notice the slightly rounded edge of the catching compartment

Then there is the pollen catching compartment which again has slightly rounded edges – both at the top and bottom – which is exactly what I love to see. Now most premium grinders have a rounded edge at the bottom in order for easy scarping but not at the top. And the top rounded edge is what ensures the least leakage as you scrape the kief.

This threaded compartment design  is very very nice to see and works flawlessly.

And as a bonus, Masterdam have not only included a scraper but they have included a pouch as well which means you can be discreet with this grinder while taking it with you. It’s also very portable.

The pouch that come as a bonus along with a scraper

Overall, after testing this grinder I have to say I fell in love with it and I consider it one of the best grinders on the market. The teeth deliver the perfect grinding experience while the threaded compartments design is remarkable.

I can’t recommend this grinder enough, get it today and I promise you won’t regret it.

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