Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Compact Size review

Masterdam 4 piece grinder compact size

  • Portability - 9.9/10
  • Design - 9.9/10
  • Shredding - 9.8/10

The Masterdam 4 piece grinder – pocket or compact size – has to be one of the more stylish grinders of this size that are out there on the market. This grinder has a diameter of 1.6 inches which makes is as portable as they come but does not sacrifice on functionality. We’ve covered the Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Large Size model so be sure to check it out. And part of the same Masterdam Shield 4 Piece Grinders Series there is also the Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Standard Size model which is 2.2 inch wide.

In more ways than one this grinder is premium quality and even more than that it’s one of the best of the best given it’s features. But you can rest assured that the price tag sits at a decent level which overall makes this grinder even more attractive.

If you’ve made your mind up to purchase this grinder the first decision you need to make is the color. As you can see below there are several available colors to choose from.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Compact Size Colors
The available colors

The gold, black and especially the gunmetal ones are the most popular. But honestly all colors look amazing.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Compact Size Green Color
The Masterdam Compact Size 4 Piece Grinder in Green

This is an aluminum grinder that has an incredibly nice touch and feel to it and you will notice that from the start. It’s very nice to hold in your hand and as I mentioned before it’s extremely portable. Let’s take a closer look at this grinder and what exactly are the features that make is special.

So on the top you have the Masterdam logo but it’s when you open – or close – this top lid that you notice the powerful magnets that this grinder is equipped with. Neodymium rare earth magnets ensure perfect closure of the top lid. Then as you open the shredding compartment you will see all the features that make this grinder great and make the smooth rotating motion possible.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Compact Size Teeth
The shredding compartment packaged with all the unique features that Masterdam grinder have to offer

As you can tell from the image above, the diamond shaped teeth are the first thing you see. Only they are also curved or as the Masterdam folks call them they are “Lion’s Tooth”. This compact size model is equipped with 9 such teeth that go the shredding job perfectly. But there are other elements that contribute to this perfect shredding experience. One such feature is the outer edge centering wedges that redirect the herb towards the center for optimal shredding. Such wedges are to be found on other premium grinders as well only unlike other such grinders the Masterdam has both these wedges and the edge rounded and slightly threaded towards the interior which is what I like to see. This ensures no spilling and just makes things easier. And this we are at the shredding compartment it’s also worth noting that the thin strip O-ring also contributes to the smooth rotating motion. Overall this compact size grinder benefits from the same shredding capability as the larger models which is a concern I had.

Moving on to the catching compartment I have a couple of things to talk about here as well. Things that I like. First is the fact that similar to the shredding compartment, this second compartment also has the threaded edges which keeps everything inside and make everything easier. And then there is the micron screen which does it’s job perfectly.

Masterdam 4 Piece Grinder Compact Size Catching Compartment
Notice the threaded edge and micron screen

And the last compartment, the pollen catcher is yet again a well designed compartment. Again we can find the rounded and threaded edges which is the best possible design for easily scraping the pollen and as a bonus there’s also a scraper included.


Overall it does not get better than this. A premium grinder – the best of the best – at a decent price tag. Highly portable yet being able to deliver the perfect shred. I recommend you get this grinder today and I guarantee you will enjoy it for a long time.

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