VIVA by Airistech Portable Vaporizer


  • Functionality - 9.2/10
  • Design - 9/10
  • Value - 8.3/10

NOTE: This product might be currently unavailable.

The VIVA Vape Pen from Airistech is an interesting portable vaporizer that we happen to come across for a review.

This is a herbal vaporizer that comes at a larger then expected price which makes it less of a value proposition but it’s still a good vaporizer with great functionality and it’s highly portable. Let’s look over what you get in the package and what are some of the features of this vape and how it works.

The package contains the following items: the Vaporizer itself, one USB charging cable, one USB wall plug adapter, one packing tool and the cleaning brush.

The touch and feel is very nice and the first thing I noticed is the large bowl chamber that this vaporizer is equipped with. And this larger bowl does not take away from the portability or the slim feel which is a plus. In fact it’s really compact and it’s easy to use.


On the front you will see the advanced LED smart screen which informs you of the battery power, status of the vaporizer and temperature. It will indicate “HEAT” for when it’s in the heating process and when it indicated “WARM” it means it’s ready. The temperature range can be set between 350 F and 430 F. Worthy of mentioning here is the fact that the VIVA has a built-in memory function so that there’s no need to set the right temperature each time.

Beneath the LED display is the power button and beneath that are the plus and minus adjustment buttons. Underneath the vaporizer is the micro-USB charging plug.

And speaking of charging the VIVA has a 2200mAh Li-Polymer battery which is large enough to last you quite some time.

That’s the external aspect of this vaporizer. But how does it work?

My impression so far is that of a good to very good vaporizer with the heating process taking around 1 minute and the quality of the smoke being rather good.

Maybe not the best value but certainly offer great portability and a nice design.

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