Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana book

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana book

  • Information - 9.9/10
  • Hyperdetailed Photography - 9.9/10
  • Cover - 9.9/10

I always on the lookout for cannabis books and Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is one that I knew I had to have in my library as soon as I saw it. It’s written by Dan Michaels while the photographer responsible for the amazing images is Erik Christiansen. It is probably the perfect beginners towards medium-advanced book on marijuana information.

The available formats are Kindle and Hardcover but I really recommend you go for the Hardcover edition as that’s the one that makes this book really shine. They say not to judge a book by it’s cover but in this case the cover really does stand out. The die-cut title “Green” is nicely visible and along with a brilliant nugshot picture serve as the front cover.

Green A Field Guide to Marijuana front cover
The Front Cover looks amazing

So as you can see in the image above this book is gorgeous as an object but it’s the information and how it is structured along with the photography that make this book what it is. There are 408 pages that are organized in two main parts. The first part or “the primer” introduces the reader into everything that is “marijuana, green, pot, weed” related.

Green A Field Guide to Marijuana Primer Cover
The “Primer” cover

In this first section any absolute beginner will be taken through all the required basic information about weed. Then in the same primer section it continues with more advanced topics describing the plant anatomy, the chemical compounds, name of the plant in various parts of the world as well as how to roll a joint. What I liked was the aroma and flavor descriptions which were highlighted in a color “palette” which is used in the next section of the book.

Green A Field Guide to Marijuana Aroma and Flavours
Great graphics are a feature of this book

And this next section is the “Buds” where they cover a lot of strains, 170 to be exact. Each strain in profiled meaning is has the genetics, aspect and effects fully researched as well as high resolution pictures of the buds.

Green A Field Guide to Marijuana book image sample
The images within the book are simply amazing

Below is an example of how a strain profile looks, this particular strain being entitled Obama OG.

Green A Field Guide to Marijuana Obama OG
The profile for the hybrid strain Obama OG

Overall I have been very impressed with what this book has to offer and for anyone passionate about pot they should have it in their library. It’s an easy and interesting read and all review of this book are positive.

Marijuana Gets Its Glamour Moment


it’s got more than 150 high resolution pictures of the stinkiest, gnarliest, hold-me-I’m-loosing-it strains of ganja you’ve ever laid eyes upon

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