Beaker base 9mm Ice Bong


  • Stability - 9.7/10
  • Glass - 9.2/10
  • Design - 8.5/10

If you are looking for a bong with simple design, great stability, ice notches, shock resistant glass and cool smoke then this 9mm glass beaker base ice bong is probably what you have been searching for.When it comes to bongs things can get complicated with a lot of features being added that might or might not improve the overall quality of your smoke. This is a simple classic beaker base design with ice notches that delivers exactly what you would expect. Now let’s take a close look at the actual design and some of the features of this bong.

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The bong is 15.75 inches (40 cm) tall and 50mm diameter. Those are the ideal dimensions that ensure maximum stability. Analyzing this bong from top to bottom you will first notice the extra-thick mouthpiece.

Then, as the name suggests, there is the 9mm thick glass. Bongs can be a very fragile thing. They are know to break and once they do it’s a very messy sight. The thickness of this bong ensures a level of indestructibility that is hard to surpass by any other glass bong. A 9 mm thick glass bong is as thick as you can get it for a bong. So with this product you have the piece of mind that if you drop hit it by mistake of other accidents happen it will not shatter at first sight.

9mm glass beaker base ice bong mouthpiece
Notice the extra-thick mouthpiece as well as the characteristics of the 9mm thick glass

The chamber of this bog is large enough for larger hits and moving further down you will notice another feature of this bong and that is the ice notches. These help catch the ice if you choose to add it. Ice cubes in the chamber means cooler smoke just before you inhale it.

9mm glass beaker base ice bong second half
The ice notches, carb hole with rubber stopper and 18.8mm joint

Moving further down we have the beaker base design, the carb hole with the a rubber carb stopper and the 18.8mm joint.

9mm glass beaker base ice bong parts
All the parts that come in the package, the bong, downstem and bowl.

Besides the actual bong we also have the diffused downstem and the bowl. The downstem has a diffused design which means smoother hits due to the extra bubbles. It act as a 18.8mm to 14.5mm adapter for the clear glass bowl which can also be seen in the image above.

9mm glass beaker base ice bong downstem
Notice the slits in the downstem that allow for more bubble

Then there is also the fact that you need to clean the bong and when it comes to that process the simpler the design the better. So another advantage of having a bong with a  simple and clear glass design.

As a bonus you will also get brass screen in the package and speaking of the package you will get this bong discreetly packaged and in protective bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

For a simple, stable and thick glass bong this is the best bong for you. It might not have some of the premium features of a more expensive bong, but with this one what you see it what you get.  I fully recommend it.

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